Sonali & Hitesh

June 8, 2019Kalamazoo, MI

Our Story
Our Meeting Story

Our meeting story is pretty straightforward. He was 6'2". She swiped right. She was easy on the eyes. He swiped right. She laughed at his jokes. He knew all the Bollywood songs. They met and fell in love.

His first text to her was “As Adele would say: Hello.” He thought he was so cool. Then they met in person and his first line was “See I really am 6’2." Trying to break the ice despite being 45 minutes late...

But the weekend couldn’t have been any more perfect. It rained like a classic Bollywood movie scene as he dropped her back to the bus station on Sunday morning. She got to the doors and looked back with DDLJ on her mind, but he was too busy texting to wave goodbye. As she walked in, her phone buzzed: “You were supposed to do the romantic look back before you walk through the doors!” And she knew he was the one.

Our Proposal Story

Our proposal story had a little twist to it. He decided on a scavenger hunt, but needed to throw her off the scent to make it a surprise. They had looked at rings together, but with her ring size, they knew the order had to be placed six weeks in advance. Little did she know, he actually ordered it later that month. When he went to pick up the ring in May, he sent her a picture from the store computer and said “Ok don’t hate me, but since I lost all my pics… This is the ring right? Just wanted to make sure before I got the wrong one!” Oh man, she was sooo mad! He could have literally asked anyone else. But of course, she fell right into his trap.

A few weeks later, with the ring in hand, he hopped on a flight to Detroit. It was two days before her med school graduation ceremony. The one he said he couldn’t make it to because of “residency.” Of course, her sister Radhika and her parents were in on it the entire time. Radhika took Sonali to get her nails done pre-graduation and her parents asked her to dress up for a nice dinner the evening before. Then the hunt began! Radhika surprised her with the first clue that led her to a series of special places Hitesh and Sonali had been to together. One by one, she solved his cheesy rhymes and they led her to Clue #4 of 5 at Hart Plaza by the Detroit Riverfront. The plot twist here was… there was no fifth clue. She spun around three times and there he was, down on one knee, asking her to spend the rest of her life with him.

#SayShaVaShaVa #TwoPedsInAPod

The Wedding

Saturday, June 8, 2019
9:00 AM
Attire: Indian/Formal
Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center
100 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, USA

9 a.m. Baraat (Meet in the hotel lobby)
10 a.m. Wedding Ceremony (Arcadia Ballroom)
12 p.m. Luncheon (Glens/Prairies)

Other Events

Sangeet 6:00PM - 10:00PM
Friday, June 7, 2019
6:00 PM
Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center
100 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, USA

Arcadia Ballroom

Reception 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Saturday, June 8, 2019
6:00 PM
Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center
100 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, USA

6 p.m. Cocktail Hour (Arcadia Ballroom foyer)

7 p.m. Reception (Arcadia Ballroom)

Wedding Party

Radhika Sharma - Maid of Honor

Sister of the bride.

When we met? March 8, 1993. Grew up together, went to college together, went to medical school together, and now are separated by residency :(

Favorite story? Cookies in the cabinet. Can you baby me, sister? Ahh there are too many! Can't imagine life without you. #AAP #asteriskweee

Meetal Umarvadia - Bridesmaid

Sister of the groom.

When we met? NYE 2017

Favorite story? Never thought I'd meet someone with a more extensive Barbie doll collection than me! And she's always up to date on the latest Bollywood gossip. Priyanka and Nick? No way. Ranveer and Deepika? Yasss. Also KKHH forever <3

Nicki Vashi - Bridesmaid

Sister-in-law of the groom.

When we met? NYE 2017

Favorite story? "Umm your crown is on backwards" and other New Year's Eve shenanigans. Fellow Disney princess at heart and lover of all things Bollywood!

Ishani Amin - Bridesmaid

Childhood friend #1. And selfie queen for life.

When we met? Diaper days

Favorite story? Maharaja Cruise 2005. Background dancers for Mujhe Rang De. Never forget.

Neerali Pandya - Bridesmaid

Childhood friend #2. MCAPF forever.

When we met? Too long ago

Favorite story? Looking out at the dock with disappointed faces. And of course, the angel princess dance routine ;)

Sonya Sandhu - Bridesmaid

Best friend and college roommate. Also med school. #togetherforever

When we met? Spanish class, freshman year of college.

Favorite story? Snooping for Victoria’s Secret and the chase that ensued... And making our favorite white pizzas!

Preeya Prakash - Bridesmaid

Med school bestie. Also residency.

When we met? Orientation. First day of medical school.

Favorite story? Flip cup, duck faces, “It’s the turn radius!”, My Sharona... I could go on. I swear I'm almost 30.

Nikita Bhatnagar - Bridesmaid

College roommate turned into a forever friend.

When we met? Freshman year of college - Atchison Hall

Favorite story? 4am heart to hearts in the UGL, always the same story but somehow always a different ending.

Satyam Vashi - Best Man

Satyam is my older, shorter, slightly less handsome, and much less funny brother.

My favorite pastime was destroying Satyam's plants when I was angry at him, but more recently, timing our haircuts right before big family events to annoy our mother (gotta get that 4-3-2), and both questioning the point of Snapchat (full disclosure: I finally caved September 2018).

Jitesh Umarvadia - Groomsman

Jitu is my brother-in-law.

I was initially skeptical of Jitu back when he was trying to woo my sister away, but I quickly changed my mind as he shared my affinity for all things sports (plus he is one of the first to laugh at my inappropriate innuendos in the sibling group chat).

Marko Bajic - Groomsman

Marko and I were college roommates for 2 years and chemistry research partners for 3 years.

We've bonded over rapping to Kanye West, mourning over our failed research experiments (special help from silver nitrite, noisy NMRs, and broken pipettes), and the multiple times I kicked Marko out of the white water raft every summer.

Vijay Patel - Groomsman

Vijay and I went to both college and medical school together.

We loved to play Super Smash Brothers and tennis (Vijay moreso, mainly because he would kick my butt most of the time) and point out all the reasons our beloved Tennessee Titans continually be so mediocre.

Virgilio Gozum - Groomsman

Virgilio and I went to college together and were roommates for 2 years.

Our claim to fame is our involvement in legendary prank wars with our neighbors in college which involved giant stolen Pikachus and aluminum foiling a bedroom.

Rakesh Patel - Groomsman

Rakesh and I went to medical school together.

Our favorite activity involves going on Marvel movie dates together (going dutch of course) and that time on vacation when we could all hear Rakesh yelling all morning, but later realized that he was watching an exhilarating 0-0 soccer/fútbol match.

Omer Kineish - Groomsman

Omer and I went to medical school together.

We are major Memphis Grizzlies basketball fans (Grit n Grind forever), especially when we can buy $6 playoff tickets 5 minutes before gametime; Omer also somehow finds a way to cuddle with me while on vacation.

Hugo Kato - Groomsman

Hugo and I were pediatric co-residents.

Hugo was actually my team senior one month, and we'd frequently escape to the residency lounge on work afternoons which gave me the opportunity to crush Hugo at Mario Kart 64 and NFL Blitz.